Dr. Mark D. Norris, Ed.D., M.S., M.A., B.S.


On the Anna Nicole Show. She had a crush on me. She was taken much too soon



                                   My close up                                                                                                   My business Look








































































































































































































































































































































































































PSOLA link: www.psola.com


In Malibu on a Harley. Life does not get much better than that


On location in Los Angeles, Tough Man Promo

Ready for action!

Charlie is two clicks to the north

A beautiful day on the desert

On location with Jennifer Love Hewitt and my daughters

Don’t Drink the Water, Krojack

With my little ones. I told you this was my best job

On location with my daughters and Mickey Rourke

On location with Enrigue Inglesias, Hero video

On location with Marla Maples. What an amazing woman

Cobra attack helicopter

Bank ad

Irish gangster

I was told I have a nice smile

My formal look

Roman Conquest, Georgio

On location for Good Humor Man with Kelsey Grammer

I love Corvettes and anything that goes fast!!!


On patrol. Don’t you feel a bit safer?

     On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

My Yamaha motocross bike. I love to go fast!!!


In Yosemite. One of my favorite places and pictures

I like Chinese shirts. One of my many looks

Cover shot

Saddle up and move-em out!


My detective look

My Irish immigrant look


Sniper behind enemy lines

On location.


Commercial print ad

Having a fun day with my daughters

On location